About us

Munsch offers a range of quality, reliable centrifugal pumps for use across a range of industrial applications. They are known for their reliability, high performance, and low maintenance.


Horizontal pumps with mechanical seal

The all-round talent for corrosive and abrasive service environments

The giant for corrosive and abrasive service environments

The tried-and tested all-round talent for rough service conditions in all industries

The specialist for highly corrosive service in the chemical industry

Horizontal pumps with magnetic coupling

Maximum safety in highly corrosive service emvironments

CM+ standardized chemical pump

The economical solution for standard applications

EMC standardized chemical pump

Vertical pumps

Robust and dry run-proof for corrosive fluids carrying high solids loads

TPC-M cantilever pump

Robust and dry run-proof even at high flow rates

TPC vertical cantilever pump

Flexible, robust and individually configurable

TNP-KL vertical centrifugal pump